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I am so appreciative that I get to share my PSYCH-K offering to so many people outside of my practice. Whether it is on a retreat, a talk, an article or even as a guest on a podcast; PSYCH-K is a wonderful and empowering tool that can be shared with anyone who is ready to transform.

Claire Turner EFT  | Podcast

25th June 2020​​

I was invited by Claire Turner of Claire Turner EFT to come and speak on her Podcast. Claire has been practicing EFT since 2016 and is an accredited EFT practitioner with EFT International.

United Chiropractic Association  | Article

Summer 2019

In the summer of 2019, I wrote an article for United Chiropractic Association 

The Revival Retreat  | PSYCH-K Workshop 

12th - 15th September 2019 in Maria Alm, Austria

In September 2019 I was invited to be part of a wonderful retreat space in Austria. The retreat had been facilitated by Hayley Dorrian and Kelly-Jane McLaughlin. They are two chiropractors who have come together and created Hayley & Kelly

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